Our two children began taking piano lessons with Jana shortly after she began teaching in Switzerland in 2011, at the ages of 9 and 7, and continued until 2016 with her school when we departed the country.  We are SO fortunate that they could work with her.  She has been so hardworking, motivating, and encouraging for our children and especially helped bring our daughter to a love of piano, and a confidence in her ability to progress.

I have been so impressed with her vision for her school and am fortunate to have watched her develop and implement her plan in such a short period of time.  As we had never played piano, she helped the parents understand what was needed from equipment, to practice time, to patient nurturing, through her example and guidance.

She encouraged our children to work toward goals through (piano AND music theory) exams with the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and recitals that included her diverse group of students at all levels and ages.  That experience helped our children take satisfaction in their efforts and appreciate how far they had come, as well as how far they could still go.

When Jana expanded her school to include a broader geographic region, she began employing other accomplished instructors.  We were initially sad to not continue with Jana personally, but have been very impressed with the highly professional, skilled, friendly, patient, and encouraging people she brought in to continue our children’s instruction, much like Jana herself.  Our children continued to progress and were always well-prepared for their ABRSM exams (and recitals), passing with Merit and/or Distinction in almost all cases, from Level 1 - Level 4.

We can only hope as we leave this country, that we can find an instructor that possesses even a small measure of all the qualities that Jana and her instructors have shared with our family.  We HIGHLY recommend her school, and wish her and her students continued success.

Damon Webster,  Chambessy 26.1.2017


Dr Jana Bertova has been on the music staff as a private piano teacher and general music teacher covering for absent colleagues at College du Leman from October 2011, teaching students from ages 6 to 18.
She was one of many candidates we interviewed at the time for the post and she impressed me with her engaging personality, professionalism and above all, excellent musicianship.
Dr Bertova has built up the number of students to full capacity, since parents soon realized her potential to teach piano to a very high standard whilst making it enjoyable. She demonstrates excellent teaching skills with all ages, motivating children, varying the approach to suit the individuals and inspiring her students with her own brilliant playing. All of her students are presented to perform at the Private Lessons Recitals where they demonstrate musicianship and excellent technique. Furthermore, she documents all performances with videos which she produces for all the parents. Selected students are also entered for the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music exams, where the results are always very good.
Dr Bertova maintains excellent relationships with students, parents, boarding staff and music teachers in the department. Her warm personality and caring attitude towards the students make her very popular. Part of her duties include organizing the schedule for the students which became ever more challenging with the increased demand for her time, but which she manages very well. Dr Bertova is also willing and extremely competent, to do other duties such as accompanying, covering for general music classes throughout the age range and supervising music examinations.
I am more than happy to highly recommend Dr Jana Bertova for a position of piano teacher/accompanist/ manager in any school or music institution.

Nicola Gilbert, Head of Performing Arts


Dr Jana Bertova has been working as a piano and keyboard teacher in our school since September 2011 and has proved herself to be an inspirational teacher.
Jana is very professional in her approach, and has a passionate interest in teaching music. Her enthusiasm for her subject and her ability to motivate and engage her students have proved to be invaluable. She also has the ability to develop a warm and easy relationship with the students.
Jana would be a valuable member of any organization or institution that she wishes to be part of.

Raji Sundaram, British School of Geneva


 We highly recommend Doctor Jana Bertova. We arrived in Switzerland in July 2012. Our children go to the College du Leman in Versoix. We were very worried about finding a good piano teacher. Hopefully we have just found Doctor Jana Bertova!!! Doctor Jana Bertova is an excellent piano teacher for our children. She is dedicated and serious about sharing her love of classical music with her students. She does a wonderful job teaching our children. She just simply loves the piano... She teaches with calm, serenity, patience and she is always so cheerfull !! Every Friday, our children are so happy to come up to their lesson and want to stay longer.... Our chidren have progressed a lot. She knows exactly how to push them to do their best while they keep their pleasure playing. She is also extremely focused on developing technical skills.
Very quickly, she was able to feel them, to understand their temperament and their individuality and consequently she challenges them to try different pieces that increase their abilities as they discover that they are capable of more than they initially realized. Doctor Jana Bertova"students participated to a recital at the CDL. They were so proud to play and to do their best in front of their teacher and the audience!!! We are very happy to provide further information if required.

Segolene and Jerome Contensou, VERSOIX, 30.04.2013


Dr Jana Bertova has been my daughter Mia's piano teacher for two years, since the time we moved to Geneva from New York. From the beginning Mia was happy with her new teacher and established a strong bond with her. Dr Bertova had very interesting ideas about how and where Mia should continue with her piano. Mia has liked the repertoire her teacher suggested and she has enjoyed learning how to play it. Dr. Bertova helped her to improve her finger technique and to express the feeling of the music she plays. Dr. Bertova prepared iviia well for her ABSRM music exam which was reflected in Mia's very good result. One of the judges for the Association for Music in International Schools competition which Mia attended in the Hague, pointed out how much he enjoyed her lively playing with lots of character. I think that Mia has gained a lot by having Dr. Jana Bertova as a teacher. The respect Mia has for her has helped her develop as a young pianist. During the time we have known her, Dr. Bertova has shown a great and sincere joy in teaching. Her devotion to her students is inspirational and I cannot recommend her too highly.

Tatjana Bojic-Harland


My two children aged 11 and 14 started piano lessons with Jana Bertova in September last year when we moved to Switzerland. They had both been playing for three years and had had several teachers. The progress they have made in nine months has been astounding! Both children have very different personalities yet, Jana Bertova has motivated both of them to practice regularly. She has also encouraged them to perform at music recitals which they had never done before and which they have thoroughly enjoyed. Both children enjoy their lessons immensely. I have no hesitation in recommending Jana Bertova. Her dedication and commitment to her pupils and the encouragement she gives them to continue to progress in piano are wonderful qualities. I think my children are very lucky!

Maya Matthews, Geneva, Switzerland


Jana started teaching me and my two boys aged 10 and 7 the piano in September 2012. I am so impressed with the how much the boys can play in such a short time. They have learnt to read music and have really enjoyed playing. By December they played some beautiful pieces in her concert. I was also thoroughly impressed seeing the level of other students she teaches. She is incredibly patient with children, even when they are grumpy and tired. She makes the lessons fun, giving great confidence to the kids about what they are able to play. I have also thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with her, again I have made more progress than I felt possible in such a short space of time. She is totally passionate about the piano, very open, flexible and a great teacher. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone wanting to learn.

Vikki O'Connor, Trelex May 2013


Dr, Jana Bertova has been my daughter's piano teacher since August 2011. Our daughter has thrived under Dr Bertova's expert guidance and we are very satisfied with her progress. During the past two years, her students have very successfully and regularly performed at private lessons recitals. Dr. Bertova has not only been an excellent teacher but, has a gift of eliciting the best from her students. it is with no reservation that I recommend Dr. Bertova in any musical endeavour and wish her the very best of luck for the future.

J. Ratwatte, Deputy Director,  Asia bureau, U.N.H.C.R. , 2013


Dr. Jana Bertova has been our 10 year old daughter's piano teacher for the last 18 months. Our daughter started taking piano lessons at the age of 7 in the United States. She had a very good start there but her piano skills have really blossomed during our recent move to Geneva. Dr. Jana certainly has much to do with our daughter's piano skill development. Dr. Jana is very encouraging and establishes goals for her students by way of enrolling them in periodic school concerts and having the students practice and prepare for the ABRSM certifications. Having these events really helps Dr. Jana and parents keep their children focused on a clear path of achievement. These activities really build the children's self confidence as well. Dr. Jana shows a genuine interest in our daughter's development. Dr. Jana is very dedicated to her students. I know she has literally driven throughout Switzerland to keep all of her student's skills current by offering summer classes in addition to the school year lessons. We are very pleased with our daughter's development and are proud of her. Thank you Dr. Jana! We highly recommend Dr. Jana for any student interested in learning or improving their piano skills.

Brian McHuli and Mary Lynn McHugh, April 2013


 Dr. Jana Bertova has been teaching my six-year-old daughter Nicole piano for a year. I have engaged different piano teachers for Nicole in the past and found her the best. With her credentials, Dr Jana is certainly very qualified. She is also very responsible and efficient in conducting her lessons. She is organized and responds quickly to requests or questions from parents. Dr Jana is also sensitive to young children and is caring and creative in her pedagogical approach towards them. Nicole enjoys every single lesson with Dr Jana and has been making steady progress in her piano skills. I am also appreciative of Dr. Jana's efforts in organising recitals for the students to build up their confidence. Dr Jana is currently preparing, Nicole for her first ABRSM grade 1 examination in May 2013. I am confident that Nicole will do well under Dr Jana's meticulous coaching. I strongly recommend any parent looking for a piano teacher to consider Dr Jana.

Lynn Cha


"I have had the privilege of knowing Jana for over two years since she became my piano teacher.   Jana came to me highly recommended by a friend whose daughter was taking classes with her. I was immediately impressed with this outstanding woman—she is refined, dignified, and one of the most hardworking and ethical individuals I have known in my 60 years.  Her concern for all her students is amazing—she teaches to the individual and is always accommodating.  Her methodology encourages students to do their best and to continually strive to improve.  I had never had a single piano lesson in my life, and thanks to Jana I am able to play several years above what would be expected at this point in my training.  To me, what is more impressive than her outstanding teaching ability is her personal fortitude and her high ethics and standards.  Over the years, Jana has become much more than my teacher.  She is my friend, and we have had long talks about her life here and in Slovakia.

The obstacles she overcame in her country, when it was under the Communist government, were amazing.  She exhibited strength, patriotism, and courage in many situations.  This same resolve is evident in her way of life today.  She is extremely loyal, and maintains a sense of priorities in all she undertakes.  I have spoken to parents of other piano students who started classes with Jana on my recommendation, and to a person, they are all thrilled.  They believe their children, as have I, have benefited from the cross-cultural exposure and the professionalism of  Jana Bertova.  She has so much to share with people everywhere, not only in her field of music, but in the teaching field—including the experience of working with disabled children. Jana is a joy to be with.  She is well-read, highly intelligent, cultured and possesses a gentle wit that charms all who meet her.

I give my wholehearted recommendation for taking piano lessons with her, and would be happy to provide more information at anytime."

Joanne Winchester


"Jana gave our three children (11, 7 & 6) weekly piano lessons for two years.  Over that time our children developed a love for music as well as a heightened awareness of their natural artistic abilities and the confidence to express themselves. Jana's disciplined approach to practice and recitals played no small part in the artistic development of our children.  We will miss Jana's weekly lessons on Sullivan's Island, but we know that she will find equally appreciative families in Europe."

Ailsa Foulke


These 2 years of piano lessons have been wonderful… and we are so sad to think that we will not be seeing you, and benefiting from your expertise.You have been wonderful with Elise!  Your teaching manner shows kindness, patience and encouragement. Elise has gained confidence in her abilities, and although nervous during a recital, she performs with poise.  We are losing a very talented teacher and you will not be easily replaced! I'm sure all of your students feel the same way.  

Elise has been practicing piano every day… even while we were away!  I haven’t had to remind her at all; she is just very happy playing! 

Ann McFadden


Dear Dr. Bertova,

The efforts you extended on behalf of our granddaughter, Megan are greatly appreciated by our family.  It was evident at the rehearsal and performance for the State of the Schools Program that your personal motivation and dedication were primarily responsible for the opportunity Megan had to play for Charleston County School Administrators.  I was amazed at the energy you put into that experience for her.  Your conversations with several faculty members at the Charleston County School of the Arts about Megan ability were clearly intended to facilitate her attending there in time.  She must have felt like a celebrity that day!  Your enthusiasm and confidence was important to her success.  Your concern for her hesitancy to take the stage and the extra measures you took to contain her fears felt very loving of her.  It was a much bigger performance center than she had been in before.  You were a dear friend to her while propelling her forward.

I valued your assessment of Megan's personal giftedness and the responsibility we have to encourage her continued development as a piano student.  You have kept the process so fun and positive; she is dedicated to you and the music you bring into her life.

We are saddened by the news of your move to Boston, but deeply thankful for the two years Megan has had as your student.  Good luck in your efforts to become part of the music community in Europe.  I trust your gifts and competence will gain you the same deep respect you enjoyed in Charleston.  I wish for you "may Megans" in the years ahead, but perhaps each of you is an "once-in-a-lifetime" experience.

With deepest appreciation,

Harriett Lent


My experience with Dr. Bertova as a piano teacher for our daughter, Megan, has been extremely satisfying.  Dr. Bertova has been her music teacher in Ladson Elementary School from Kindergarten through Second Grade and her instructor for private piano lessons for the last two years.  Before beginning private lessons, Megan would always tell us how fun and exciting Dr. Bertova made her music classes at school.  It was obvious she was a gifted teacher who was able to capture the hearts of her students as well as their talents.

Megan has received very thorough instruction as Dr. Bertova's student, as well as a special level of encouragement which has instilled confidence.  Initially, Dr. Bertova suggested us invest only in a keyboard until Megan's level of ability was known.  Her assessment was that Megan had played in another lifetime.  Her practical, honest approach was appreciated by my husband and me.  She offered to assist Megan and us in the process of purchasing a piano.  We found her advice very helpful; however, our choices were honored.

Dr. Bertova always affirmed Megan's innate ability and the depth of her determination to master increasingly difficult pieces of music.  She "believed into" Megan with her positive, heart-felt approach.  Megan responded warmly with a deep love of music and Dr. Bertova.

I believe Dr. Bertova is capable of instructing students of all ages and abilities.  Recitals became a celebration of everyone’s' successes.  She helped us appreciate our daughter's unique level of giftedness and went out of her way to make the faculty at The School of the Arts in Charleston, SC aware of her talents.  Megan was the only elementary student invited to perform at The State of the Schools program for school administrators across the county held at The School of the Arts in May 2010.  Dr. Bertova made all of the arrangements and accompanied Megan to rehearsal as well as the performance.  She "pushed" Megan when appropriate, but remained very sensitive to and protective of her needs.

Megan has been very fortunate to have such a gifted teacher.  We cannot thank Dr. Bertova enough.

Cam Nguyen


"As a professional musician, I have performed leading roles in opera and music theater throughout the United States, all of the Western Hemisphere, and the Far East.  As a baritone, I’ve had the privilege to perform music of great composers such as Mozart, Verdi, Puccini, Strauss, and Bizet, among others.  I currently hold a faculty position at the College of Charleston, in Charleston, South Carolina, where I am a Professor of Voice, as well as the Director of Opera.

It is in this capacity that I have had the privilege of meeting and working with Dr. Bertova.  I regard her as the consummate professional--developing and maintaining great rapport with colleagues and students alike.  Her students are always well prepared, and also well versed in the customs and traditions of various cultures. She is a dedicated professional who knows how to motivate her students to strive for excellence.  She is a highly-motivated “people person” with an extensive background in working with children. Dr. Bertova is dedicated to providing all children with excellent educational experiences and to meeting their individual needs in order for them to be successful.  She has a professional attitude and takes her own initiative in using her creativity to plan and implement high quality music and piano lessons for her students. Her piano recitals are very impressive, and her students have participated in the Armstrong Atlantic State University Piano Scholarship Competition in Savannah, Georgia.

I believe that Dr. Bertova, with her strong academic performance, is a true gift and would be an asset to any music program in any city, state, or country."

David Templeton

Assistant Professor of Voice


"It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Dr. Bertova.  She was an asset to the music program at St. James-Santee Elementary during my tenure as principal. Her ability to infuse various genres and cultures of music, coupled with her talent as a pianist, brought an appreciation of music to all of the children in our small rural community.  I was impressed how, under her leadership, our children-- who had never received formal training in piano--learned to play and appreciate the various cultures and forms of classical music. She is not only an educator, but a person with a rare combination of skills – educator, music teacher, special education teacher, educational professional, and a professional pianist. 

I believe that Dr. Bertova, with her strong academic performance, is a true gift and would be an asset to any music program in our city, state, or country. I highly recommend Dr. Bertova, as an extraordinary and promising educator.

Overall, Dr. Bertova is a truly outstanding educator and talented pianist who will significantly contribute to the educational and training programs."

Lerah Smith-Lee

Director of Early Childhood Education


"Dr. Bertova also strives for students to have real-life musical experiences.  My class has been lucky enough to be chosen to attend one of her field trips that exposed them to a modern opera that left them speechless.  Not only did they leave the performance with a better understanding of the style of music but an appreciation for a musical style they would never have been exposed to had it not been for her. It is evident that her gift to arts instruction far exceeds just the academic contributions her PhD offers.

Dr. Bertova will be an asset to our country and to the children she touches.  I can honestly say that in my 17 years of experience, I have never worked with a music/piano teacher who can touch and change the lives of students the way Dr. Bertova has."

Solange Brewer, Instructional Development Teacher


"I am writing this letter to express my strong support for Dr. Jana Bertova

Dr.Bertova is a teacher of exceptional abilities. As a piano professional she continues  to  improve the educational music program to our children by building and using our piano/keyboard laboratory. She composes and adjusts new piano pieces for children of different abilities. She teaches children to think both critically and creatively by reading and playing music. Through playing the piano, children are exposed to classical music that they may never have heard otherwise.

Because of Dr.Bertova’s commitment and experience as an educator, because of her background and vision for the future of educational technologies – music/keyboard laboratory, because of her wealth of experience in the field of music, special education and educational leadership, and because of her willingness to selflessly dedicate herself to the needs of those with whom he worked, I highly recommend Dr. Jana Bertova. She will be an asset to any organization with whom she works. In Dr. Bertova you will be adding an insightful and motivated educator who deeply cares about learning and has a wide knowledge of the educational tools, and also educator who will substantially benefit prospectively cultural and educational interests of the United States."

Reginald Bright



"Dr.Jana Bertova is an extraordinarily talented musician whose contributions to the field of education have benefited and will continue to benefit our national interest. In only few short months, she began to establish a firm foundation for our students this year. She is a passionate and effective teacher; committed to helping each student realize her full potential. We strongly recommend Dr. Jana Bertova, because of her extraordinary music ability, unique educational skills, training and experience in the field of education and administration."

Jill S. Muti

The Head of Ashley Hall School


"It is a pleasure, and a rarity, to be able to recommend a person one has known long enough to have a real sense of her abilities, personal qualities and accomplishments, and a person in whom one has real confidence.

Dr.Bertova  brings not only a significant contribution to the field of special education, but to the fields of music and music therapy as well. As a professional musician and pianist, she has taken part in rehabilitation and therapeutic meetings; music therapies; and, music games for the mentally handicapped.  Her love of children gives her the confidence, and the pedagogical optimism and enthusiasm, necessary to be an effective teaching professional.

Dr. Bertova’s productivity can only be characterized as exceptional and the quality of her educational work as outstanding. She is a professional worker perfectly fulfilling her educational activities. We regret that the Slovak Republic will potentially lose Dr. Bertova since she is a highly qualified special education worker, pianist, musician, educator, and a leader.  However, she has earned the right to “reach for her dream” and we wish her professional and personal success.

Dr.Bertova is a person of exceptional abilities. Her advanced degree, impressive educational performance, and international experience are of essential importance in the field of education. 

Please contact me if I can provide any additional information.  I am honored to help."

Maria Tekelova

Director of Special Education at the State Department of Education of the Slovak Republic.